Sunday, May 1, 2016

Race day!

Reagan was up and ready to go this morning at 6:30. I was relieved to see my girl still very smiley and happy on race day. The awesome thing about this race is it's literally right down the road from our house. On streets that I run on my usual weekend runs! I was missing my running partner as she's out of town this weekend, so I was thankful to be running with team Ainsley's Angels today. Ryan was still snoozing at 7am so we had to get him out of bed and dressed before we could leave. We arrived and were walking toward the start right at 7:40am (OK so we were a little late and we only live a mile away from the school), we joined up with our team and prepared to start the race. It was a little cool and windy at first so I went ahead and put her noise canceling headphones on her and my step sister gave her a jacket to pull over her arms. The lady that is the regional ambassador for AA's allowed some really fast runners to push her precious cargo and she ran alongside me. It was nice to have someone to motivate me as we ran. They had us line up at the start so we could begin 5min early, that was a blessing because initially we ran around the track but then had to run through a grassy area before getting onto the road. That gave us enough time to clear out of there before the fast runners ran up on us! My brother in law was one of those fast ones passing us up very quickly (he often wins these smaller races) and throughout the course we saw many familiar faces running so close to home. And even those who didn't know us saw the flag on Reagan's chair and would yell "Go Reagan" as they ran by! Reagan was wonderful! Never a peep out of her, I think she thoroughly enjoyed it! I was a little worried as we approached the finish line that it might get too loud for her, but she still had her headphones on and she did fine! All smiles for this girl! She really rocked it! And I pushed her the entire way (all 80lbs of stroller/girl) and maintained my usual intervals. At times I felt super slow, especially on inclines, but we did it. I do think I'll be sore tomorrow though! My girl was feeling super spunky after her race yesterday and rolled over from her back to her tummy (and then was stuck)! But she didn't care, she was just smiling away! Sweet girl! Such a great day for my love (and the boy wasn't half bad if only that can translate to a good week at school this week)!

They were really fast!

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