Saturday, May 7, 2016

On edge and tears

Reagan woke up this morning a bit vocal, but good. There might have been a touch of irritation to her vocalizations, but we still thought she was good. We were getting dressed and ready to head out to the farmers market when it all started going downhill. As we were putting her harness on her (for the car), she started getting the fat lip and the tears began to fall. We knew it was a no go. Mike stayed home with her while Ryan and I went on. I came back home to a clean house (a very happy early mother's day to me) and a calm but very on edge girl. She stayed that way most of the day. Going from vocal but calm, to flat out crying, tears and all. Poor thing. She definitely seems to be having pain...if only we knew where. She still has that very distinct breath smell (very acidic smelling), so we wonder if maybe it's some sort of reflux or GI pain?? None of her pain meds really seem to be working today...not right away anyway. She did doze off on my lap and sleep for a good little stretch this afternoon, but she woke back up crying and upset so there was no winning. Mike and Ryan went to our niece's bday party this afternoon and Reagan and I hung back. Poor girl. Just not a good day for her. Tonight she seemed a little more miserable and we were just hoping and praying we could get her to sleep (in her chair). Unfortunately the second we laid down in bed, she started back up! I'm hoping she'll settle down and sleep tonight...I'm running in the morning so it's going to be tough if I don't get some sleep!

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