Thursday, May 12, 2016

Not much for sleep

Reagan didn't sleep much again last night. She was asleep when I went to bed, but around 3am again the vocalizing started up. Lots of vocalizations until I finally got up and checked on her at 5am and moved her to her chair. I went running right after that, so not much sleep for me last night (good thing I slept in the night before). She's been super sweet and good again today. Very laid back, but a little more movements and still really into her left hand. Reagan's nurse put an arm restraint on her this morning because she kept chewing on her fingers/hand until it was red and she managed to wiggle it down and scratched herself on the cheek with it. Her poor nurse was so upset about letting this happen. She was in tears when I got home from dropping Ryan off at school...I wasn't sure what to expect! It's just a little scratch, but it's sweet that she cares so much for Reagan that she was crying! Reagan had PT, OT, and school today. It was a busy day. She did really well with everything. Her OT did mention that we need to adjust her wheelchair because she's obviously grown, so we have someone coming out next week for that. We did notice a couple instances of her stiffening out today (and her nurse mentioned that the last two times we've noticed this happen it's been on the 12th of the month). Coincidence? I doubt it. We have made the executive decision to attempt a day trip to Sea World tomorrow if Reagan wakes up feeling up to it. I bought some half price tickets on Groupon that have to be used by the end of this month and we're running out of options and need to use them soon. Wish us luck. It looks like it's going to be an overcast/cloudy day, which would be best case scenario for Reagan (not as hot and not as bright).

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