Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Not happy

So...today was what we were worried about. Reagan slept in a little but then woke up NOT happy. Her nurse gave her some oxycodone but it didn't help. It wasn't until an hour and a half later when she tried the clonidine that she finally settled down and fell asleep. She slept for a while and then woke back up around noon upset again. Her nurse was able to calm her and get her back to sleep without medication this time around and then she slept the rest of the afternoon. She woke up around 5pm and was calm albeit a little moany (and burpy). This continued til around 7 when she started escalating a bit, grabbing my hand with a death grip and fussing. I gave her some Lortab and she dozed off and slept the rest of the night. We really weren't sure if we should try to move her or not, but hated the idea of her sleeping all night in her chair, so Mike gambled and moved her to her bed. Thankfully it worked out. She stayed asleep and now we're just hoping she'll get some sleep tonight and wake up feeling better in the morning! Fingers crossed!

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