Saturday, May 14, 2016

Not happy but thankfully sleepy

Reagan had a bit of a rough day today. She was sleeping in this morning but I have to admit, I was concerned about waking her. Her nurse went in and did an assessment on her that eventually resulted in her waking up. She did NOT wake up happy. She was very tense/moany at first, that that quickly progressed into full on crying. I tried oxycodone...nothing. After a while it was clear that wasn't working, so we tried clonidine. I picked her up and held her and within 10min she was out cold. I was afraid to move too far, so I laid her down on the floor right where I was sitting and covered her up with her weighted blanket. She slept like a rock. She woke up about 3.5hrs later and was still agitated but quiet. She eventually dozed back off on her own. She slept right there on the floor for the rest of the day and then Mike was able to transfer her to her bed tonight. I definitely think she might have slept the whole day had she not been messed with this morning. I'm just glad that she's been able to sleep and hasn't required any more medication. Sweet girl. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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