Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day drive

Reagan had a good night last night and she's been all smiles ever since she woke up. I gave her an early morning bath and then she had speech. She did great with speech and then we decided to load up everyone and take a drive through the hill country. We drove out to Inks Lake State Park...a beautiful drive, but not a lot to see once there. Ryan was all geared up to go to the park, but there wasn't much of a playscape and it was in full sun and quite hot. We let him play for a bit and then we headed toward Marble Falls. There was a nice shaded park there and we all got out for a while. Ryan played with some kids on the play ground and then checked out the geese. We thought about going for lunch, but we decided to just drive back home. Ryan was so worn out that he passed out cold once we got home. Of course that made for a late night for him, but that's OK. Last week of school this week. Reagan was a little spitty tonight and grinding her teeth a lot. Not sure what that's about...but that teeth grinding is like nails on a chalk board! :/

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