Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hair cut and some tears

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning after 8am (with a once again soaked bed...this is maybe the 4th day in a row we've had to change her sheets). She was good this morning. Calm, maybe a little more serious. She had speech again this morning and worked on her computer. She seemed a little more tired...maybe it was because she slept in a little and the session was 30min earlier than usual? She seemed a little sensitive and even let out a whimper at one point, but that was it. After speech, we loaded her up and headed to the mall to get her hair cut. She seemed fine on the way there, maybe slightly sensitive to us talking, again we heard a slight whimper here or there. When we walked in, she immediately started getting upset. The mall music was turned up really loud and it definitely set her off. Thankfully the music in the hair place was off so we didn't have to worry about that although I did put some ear plugs in her ears after we removed her noise canceling head phones...just in case. Her nurse held her and I attempted to hold her head...although half the time she just wanted to fight against me and would fight harder to look in the direction she wasn't supposed to. All in all, she did great. Especially considering we had tears before we even got there! And her hair looks super cute again. It was definitely time for a cut...she had tons of broken ends from having it pulled back all of the time. She whimpered a little more on the way home and did have a few more meltdowns once home. It would just come out of no where, she'd break out into tears, cry for a bit, and then calm down and be fine. She was causing her nose to run like a faucet though. All of those tears combined with her already runny was a mess. Her nurse tried suctioning her nose but that just made her even more angry. And her tummy has been going wild! Lots of gurgly, bubbly noises coming from her belly. That has to be bothering her! Tonight the aggravation definitely seemed to escalate. Instead of crying every 30min-1hr, she was crying every 5min or so. I finally gave her some oxycodone but that didn't seem to do a thing. Then an hour or so later I tried clonidine and that helped her to settle down and she even dozed off for a while. When she woke back up, she was tense, but OK. Her tummy was still bubbling/gurgling A LOT. Poor thing. Not sure what this is, but really hoping she sleeps tonight and wakes up feeling much improved in the morning!

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Diane said...

Love love that haircut on her! She is just beyond precious! So cute! Sorry she had a rough night though!