Monday, May 9, 2016


Reagan had a GREAT day today! She woke up all smiles...Grandma was lucky enough to go in and be greeted with that adorable grin! All day she's been very laid back. Super calm and super cute. Big giant eyes. She wasn't super into her computer today during speech, but she was very interactive with her therapist. She did a little better using the Big Mac switch and just answering questions. After speech therapy, we loaded up and went to a belated mother's day lunch with Grandma. We went to a local restaurant we've never tried before and we really liked it. Reagan was great the entire time. Afterward we went and picked her brother up from school (finally a good day) and we went to Dell for her Dentist appt. It was time for her 6 month check up and I wanted the dentist to check out her loose tooth that's poking outward and still not that loose. Ryan was asleep in the car so Grandma stayed out in the car with him while Reagan and I went in for the appt. It was a quick and painless appt. The dentist basically just looked at her teeth, rubbed some flouride on them, and told me the loose tooth will come out on it's own! Done! When we got out to the car Ryan had woken up (he's a bad waker upper) and he was crying! He eventually calmed down and we were able to pacify him by making a stop by the carwash on the way home! Both kids did great...Ryan has just finally gotten where he doesn't close his eyes while going through! Reagan was perfect the entire day. So sweet and so smiley! Just precious. Tonight she wasn't looking sleepy at all. Finally around 11:30pm Mike laid down with her, but she just got vocal, started grinding her teeth, and NOT falling asleep. Finally I gave her a dose of clonidine and we tucked her in and are hoping for the best. We're all exhausted, so hopefully she'll sleep tonight!
What a way to wake up! Grandma was greeted with this smile and these big eyes this morning!

Lunch with Grandma!

Best dental patient ever! 

Car wash!!!

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