Monday, May 2, 2016

Calm but a pain in the leg

Reagan has had a good/busy day today. She's been calm and content for the most part. She had speech this morning and they worked on the computer. She did great with that. Her eye contact has been particularly good today. She also wore her AFOs the entire time, no problem. Then this afternoon the DME rep came by with a new (smaller) harness for her stander. Her OT and I got her up into her AFOs and into her stander and the new harness is WAY better. It doesn't choke her like the larger one did. One issue we did have is that she was very sensitive to standing up in the stander. Like something was hurting her, she winced. Her PT noticed this the last time she had her up in it as well. So we just lowered her a bit and let her keep her knees bent and she seemed fine. Although when we got her out and took her AFOs off, she started crying. We think maybe she was having some leg pain/cramping. Who knows. I rubbed her legs and she calmed down. She was fine so I told her teacher she could come as well. Why not? She was so calm and easy going (well except for the standing). I was afraid to put her regular AFOs back on, but I did put her night time AFOs on (they're more padded) during school. She did well with everything and had a good night. Mike did notice as he carried her to bed that she had a "bad day" smell to her, but she's also super overdue for a bath so that could be it too! ;)

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