Sunday, May 8, 2016

A not so happy mother's day

Reagan did keep me up a bit last night, but I was able to get some sleep. And it' didn't stop me from running. I still got up at 6:15 (we go a little later on weekends) and ran 5 miles. When I got back, my girl was awake (and so was my boy), and while she was vocal, she wasn't crying. She definitely was NOT a fan of us talking, so we had to let the nurse know that right away. Unfortunately there wasn't much we could do...the bad days were upon us and it was just a matter of time before she was in tears. I gave her some medicine, but it didn't do much of anything. It wasn't until I actually picked her up and held her tight, that she finally dozed off in my arms. I was able to lay in her in her bean bag chair where she slept for a few hours. Grandma got here while she was sleeping and didn't know what to expect. When she woke, she woke with a vengeance! Again we tried everything. This time neither medicine nor me holding her helped. Finally I gave up and put her in her tomato chair where she eventually dozed off on her own. Poor nurse. She tried her best, but this is the first time she's seen a bad day. On a good note, although miserable, we didn't have to worry about her biting herself (she'd put her hands in her mouth, but not bite). She also didn't have much/any chorea. She's been so still lately, her overall demeanor today has been pretty similar...just obviously in pain. While she was asleep, Grandma and I took Ryan to the mall (we of course had to go look for something she wanted to buy Reagan)! Ryan had a blast, and we were able to keep him out of the house for a while and let Reagan sleep uninterrupted. When we got home, Reagan was awake and calm. Since then she's been better. Still sensitive, she did have one more bout of tears but that was when her brother came in and was making a lot of noise, but otherwise she's been good. I'm hoping she's coming out of this and tomorrow will be a better day. We are a little worried about Ryan though because he's had a runny nose today as well as a cough and sneezing and Mike noticed his tonsils are huge! Looks like we may be running to the dr tomorrow before school! Ugh. Prayers everyone can stay healthy and that it's nothing (allergies maybe)!

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Clarissa R. West - Writer said...

Sorry that Reagan hasn't been feeling well. :( Praying she gets back to some good days ASAP!