Friday, April 1, 2016

Sweet but a little sensitive

Reagan slept well again last night, that is, until the weather got nasty around 4:30am. We had some very heavy rain/hail that came in very suddenly and woke us all up! I went in and changed my girl's diaper and tucked her back in. I'm not sure that she ever went back to sleep. She was so quiet and still, I would've never heard a peep anyway. She's been super mellow and still again today. Her hands laying clasped on her lap and her legs crossed...such a little lady. She's been so precious. Super snuggly and sweet. Not at all sleepy. Big wide eyes again today. She had speech this morning and did really well with that. Then this afternoon she had school. They did less fine motor work, because she is so still in her arms, it was a bit hard to get her to engage and do anything with them today. But she was super attentive so they worked on other areas. The only concern is that she's been slightly sensitive today...sensitive in her eyes and a little sensitive to us talking. Other than that, she's been great. Tomorrow we are hoping to go to the UMDF family day at Morgan's Wonderland in San we're really hoping for another good day for my girl!

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