Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sweet and Smiley

Reagan woke up around 4:30am this morning. She was awake, but sweet. I put her in her chair and I went back to sleep. She's had a good day today. She's still pretty crunchy, but super sweet and smiley. She had PT at noon and did well with that. The worked on a lot of rolling (when she's crunchy, she's a natural roller)! Then this afternoon she had both OT and school/vision. It's been a busy day! She's been holding her poos for almost a week now, so before her bath we did help her out and finally get her to go! This girl is a clencher. We also had the new potential Monday nurse orient today. Everything went smoothly. Hopefully it all works out...we've been waiting a long time to get this shift filled. Tonight she started getting groggy and Mike went to lay down with her and she freaked out! What we would call "clonidine crazy", she started thrashing and flailing all of a sudden! Out of no where...but without clonidine!!! Eventually I did give her clonidine and she settled down and went to sleep! Hoping she sleeps tonight.

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