Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spunky but better

Reagan has been quite spunky today. Still tense in her body and crunchy, but very smiley and an overall happy girl! So glad the bad was short lived. She had both PT and OT again today. Got some good stretching, despite her struggles. We helped her poo today and it was the first poo she's had in over a week! Not good. Definitely harder than usual. Poor thing. She has to feel a little better now. We definitely think some of the vocalizations and tension she's still fighting is tummy related. Hopefully things will start moving again soon and she can relax a little. Tonight she was grinding her teeth a lot. It was serving me crazy!!! And she did have another clonidine freakout sort of episode (minus the clonidine). It's strange how these episodes seem to come on all of a sudden, we see them a few consecutive days, and then they are gone again. She did finally settle down and go to sleep (ironically) after a dose of clonidine! ;) Hoping for some sleep tonight for my girl.

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