Monday, April 11, 2016

Somber and sweet

Reagan woke up a little more more alert and aware today. Big eyes, perfect for using her eyegaze device. She was still a little groggy, but she did pretty well for speech. Then we loaded up and headed to Dell for a Palliative care appt. Thank goodness my mom was here today since we still don't have a Monday nurse. Reagan was so patient and calm, perfect for a doctors appt. We had to wait almost an hour in a crowded waiting room, so we were lucky she was so chill today! There wasn't much to this appt, just a follow up since we haven't had an actual appointment with them in quite some time. They did adjust her dosage of oxycodone. She's been on the same dose for a few years so they increased that a bit. Hopefully that will help on bad days and we won't see any more episodes of breakthrough pain. After getting back from her appointment, school/speech came for a visit. She was tolerated it all very well, but she was just not that into it. She's had a bit of an indifferent day. We tried our hardest to get some smiles out of her, but she continued to be somber...but sweet.

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