Friday, April 29, 2016

SO adorable!

My girl was awake and vocal at 5:30am. She had leaked through her diaper (because her last wet diaper had been at 6pm yesterday), so I changed her and moved her to her chair. I don't think she ever went back to sleep, but I did. She's been super spunky and adorable today. So smiley with huge eyes and making great eye contact. No therapies today but she did work on her eyegaze a bit this morning with her nurse and then this afternoon with her teacher. She wasn't a huge fan of us talking today and would vocalize letting us know she was over it. Her tummy has also been pretty gurgly again and she's having TONS of gas. Tonight she was so squirmy on the floor that she literally squirmed out of her pants AND diaper! Silly girl! She's a mover! Hoping she hangs in there and has a great weekend! We're signed up for our first official 5k together this Sunday, A Noble Run, right down the road from our house! And we're running as part of team Ainsley's Angels!! So exciting. Praying for good weather and a happy, laid back girl!

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