Friday, April 8, 2016

New stander and night AFOs

Reagan slept last night!!!! Woo hoo!!! Of course I still had to get up at 5am to run, but she was still asleep! However by the time I got back from running, she was awake...not sure if she woke up when I walked out the door or when I got back but she was awake and smiley. We needed her up and at em early this morning anyway because they were bringing her new stander at 8:30am. She had a nice big loose poo beforehand (which is still a lovely brick red color from the antibiotics she's was her last day). Her new stander is a easy stand bantam medium and should grow with her for a long time. We love the option of being able to easily move her from standing to sitting in seconds while she's working on speech/school/OT. And she looks SO much better in it! I'm hoping this will lead to way more time weight bearing for my girl, as that's so important for her bone health! She did great with all of the adjustments and craziness of trying to get it set up. As soon as they were done it was time for speech! She did well with that and then we loaded her up in the car and headed to the orthotic place to pick up her new night braces. She was still a little sensitive to us talking and we did have one little hiccup in the car where it seemed she might actually start crying, but then we checked her and she had completely soaked through her diaper/pants! So we pulled over and changed her and then she was good to go! She was a little sensitive to the music at the orthotic office, but they turned it down a little for us and she was fine. These new braces are for us to attempt to get her to wear while she's sleeping. They aren't quite as hard as her other ones, they are completely lined with foam, and they don't have any metal buckles on them or anything (just some velcro straps)...they are like a toned down version of her other ones...they're really meant to just prevent her from keeping her toes pointed all night to see if we can get her to wear/sleep in them! She was great the rest of the day and even tolerated watching the entire movie Monsters University. Tonight she was very calm and quiet. She looked sleepy but wasn't falling asleep. It wasn't until I held her that she stopped moving and just relaxed completely in my arms. Sweet girl. Her brother was so jealous he kept crawling up on the arm of the chair and sitting on top of us! Hoping my girl sleeps well tonight and has some great days this weekend!

How many people does it take to get a little girl into a stander?? ;)

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