Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New, longer gj tube

Sooooo...of course my girl is awake and making noise since 1:30am on a morning that I have to get up at 5am to run! It wouldn't be so bad if we ever got to bed before midnight! So yeah, we're all a little tired today. Reagan had speech this morning and then a tube change this afternoon. Nothing is wrong with it, but it's time! We like to switch it out every 4 months or so...before it actually starts falling apart! Reagan was a pro (as always), despite having a balloon that didn't want to empty all of the way! The dr kept drawing out the water and then trying to pull the tube out (over and over and over), but it just wasn't coming out! Finally he added water and removed it again, and finally all of the water came out and he was able to get the tube out! Now that's a first! This time they decided to give her a longer tube. She's had the same length (and size) tube ever since she first got hers 6 yrs ago! When she got her last tube changed, we discussed this with the dr and she suggested getting a longer one the next go round. One good point she made is that the tube is sitting in the same place for so long, is that it could lead to erosion, so it's good to switch it up a little. Hopefully Reagan's tummy agrees with this decision! She was great and a perfect lady and what are the odds, she even ended up in the Nemo room! Tonight she was great too, a little gassy, but I'm guessing a tube change can do that to you! Come on sleep!!!

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