Saturday, April 2, 2016

Morgan's wonderland adventure

Reagan was still laying in bed with her eyes open when I went to bed. She kept opening and closing them over and over again. She was so still though, I was hopeful she would drift off to sleep soon. I think she slept well last night and when I went in to check on her this morning, she was snoozing away. She actually just kept snoozing and eventually we had to wake her up. We were hoping to go to Morgan's Wonderland, so we really needed to gauge how she was feeling and get her up and dressed and ready to go. She was quiet and calm...pretty similar to previous days. No smiles but good. So we loaded up and headed out right around 10:45am. There were several big accidents along the way so we took a few detours and it took us about 1hr 45min to get there. We did stop once along the way to change Reagan's diaper (she had already leaked through her pants). We got there right at 12:30 when everyone with the UMDF was meeting up in the conference room for lunch. Ryan wasn't super thrilled about walking into the park and immediately going into the conference room, but it was pizza so he settled down. It was a beautiful day for it. Super sunny, a little wind, but the highs were in the low it was pretty nice. We first took a ride on the carousel (Ryan wouldn't get on) and then we rode on the jeeps. Ryan was loving the jeep ride...I think he really thought he was driving it! Then we went to the playscape and over to the train. We had to put Reagan's earphones on for the train ride as it was a little noisey and we were afraid the sound of the train whistle might upset her. From there we went and stood in a crazy line for the newest attraction...the ferris wheel. Such a neat idea...however only ONE of the compartments was wheelchair accessible. So we stood in line FOREVER! Eventually we just gave up and told them we would hold her on our lap! That was a little challenging to get in and out of that contraption while holding her, but I did it. Ryan and Mike rode the ferris wheel twice in the time it took us to get on (and they probably could've ridden it 3 or 4 times had we waited for the wheelchair accessible compartment)! It was fun but they definitely need more wheelchair accessible options! Not to mention a shade cover...we had to stand in the full sun waiting! Afterward it was really time to leave, but we did make one quick stop at the sensory village. There was a little grocery store stocked full with plastic fruits and vegetables...Ryan was in heaven! They also had a car simulator as well as horses you could ride. They don't have the water area anymore...I'm not sure if they just removed it because they are adding an entire waterpark next door or what...but there used to be a cool water works area that had all kinds of wheelchair accessible water activities but it was "closed due to construction". All in all, we had a fun time! Reagan was perfect...not smiley...but I think she enjoyed herself! We headed still took us a long time to get back. With no traffic (late at night) it's not more than an hour drive from our house to San Antonio, but during the day (on a weekend) it took us closer to 2hrs. We got home right around 6pm. Reagan has been a little fussy ever since we've been home. We still aren't sure if she's having tummy pain (she did have a bit of gas so that's always possible), or if she's just headed toward bad days. Then tonight as I was changing her into pjs, I noticed two big scratches on her back. They definitely seem painful to the touch. I have no idea when she got them or how. They are uniformly spaced, so it makes me think that something must've scratched her as we were moving her...maybe in and out the car, or her chair or harness etc... Poor thing. That definitely could've been a source of discomfort! She calmed down and started dozing off in my arms tonight with the help of clonidine. I really hope she sleeps tonight. Poor girl. I have no idea where she's headed but I sure hope she feels better soon.


Diane said...

What a great park! But I agree, very odd a park created to be accessible only had 1 wheelchair compartment on a ferris wheel? How odd is that? She is growing so fast! Hope the scratches heal up fast.

Jennifer Ortiz said...

I love that place!! Emily is on their very first plaque around the park.