Thursday, April 21, 2016

Long serious day

Reagan woke up around 7:45am this morning, very somber and serious. We tried our hardest all day to get a smile out of her and it's just not happening. She's still very calm and quiet...just serious. She had PT at noon and they put her in her stander. Immediately (upon raising it), she started flailing and rubbing at her face, so they put her back down into sitting. She calmed down and then her therapist raised her back up (not ever fully extending her knees). Something was definitely bothering her. Then this afternoon when she had OT, we noticed her grimace a few times again. Not sure what that's about. She did fine with OT and then school afterward. Just an overall serious sort of day. This afternoon we packed up and headed off to Dallas. Mike is going fishing with a friend of his this weekend so the kids and I are staying with my mom. Both kids did well in the car. Reagan got a little thrashy again around 9:30pm. Poor Ryan, she kept hitting him in the eye with her fingers/elbow! I had to hold her arms down and she eventually dozed off. She was OUT by the time we got to my mom's house. Ryan was still awake and going strong! As we were bringing everything into the house, I caught a glimpse of Reagan's pump and immediately thought I FORGOT HER PUMP CHARGER! Oh my God. Throughout the course of the day, her pump loses most of it's charge so there was no way it would have made it even another hour or two. I freaked out. I started trying to contact everyone I knew in Dallas with a special needs kiddo and I called the DME company. They put me in touch with their local rep who was not too keen on bringing us a charger. After a lot of urging by yours truly, he finally agreed to meet up with us. So Mike got back on the road and drove about 30min to go get the charger. Thank God this all worked out. Whew! So relieved. She's all hooked up and we're finally climbing into bed at 1am. Long day.

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