Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Laughy loosey goosey

My girl slept well last night and woke up super laughy this morning. I moved her to her chair and she was all laughs. I did notice she seemed a bit light sensitive in her eyes this morning and then shortly thereafter I noticed a seizure-ish episode. I didn't notice a trigger, but I looked at her and her head was turned to the left (all the way to the left, up against a pillow) and her eyes were squinted almost closed but looking in that same direction. I couldn't break her out of it, but she came out of it herself fairly quickly. It's been a while since we last saw her do this. Her nurse looked back through the nursing notes and saw that it was exactly a month ago that the weekend nurse made note of an episode. It's interesting (and maybe a good thing) that it seems to be happening on a monthly basis...maybe it is hormone related? At least if that's the case, we know there are ways to regulate her hormones and perhaps avoid that altogether. I guess this is something we'll just have to continue to monitor for now. We didn't see anything else all day, so that's a good thing too. But the laughs...well, they continued. Lots and lots of laughing. All. Day. Long. Only one therapy today, speech, but she did well with that. The rest of the day she just hung out and took it easy. Watched Frozen. Chilled. She was super loosey goosey today. Very relaxed hands. Very still and relaxed body. Super cuddly and sweet. So SO darling. Love this girl.
Snuggling with her nurse. So loosey goosey today!

As Ryan would say, "Big Hug"!!!

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