Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kooky laughy-potamus

Reagan slept well last night. She was still asleep when I left for my run, but awake and laughy by the time I got back. I moved her to her chair around 6:15am and she's been up ever since. She had a good day today. Very sweet, a little kooky at times, but good. She had PT today and got up in her stander again. Definitely a little challenging keeping her up without a good supportive chest harness. Hopefully that will get out to us quickly. This afternoon she had school. She did well with that too. She's been super sweet and darling again today. I took some pics of her after her bath...those big giant eyes!! Such a sweetie. There were a few hints of tension at times in her laugh. Tonight it was extra difficult trying to get her to bed. The laughs got a little more kooky/stressed and eventually escalated to the point of almost tears. Thankfully Daddy was able to hold her and calm her down and eventually get her into her bed. Hoping she can sleep tonight and wake up in a good mood tomorrow.

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