Sunday, April 17, 2016

Houston walkathon done

We had to wake both kiddos up this morning at 6:30am...both were still snoozing in bed. Thankfully both woke up well and we quickly got them dressed and out the door just after 7. We made pretty good time on our drive to Houston and only had to deal with rain as we were leaving Austin. The weather in Houston was still clear, although there were some serious wind gusts mid walk that required us to break out Reagan's wind/rain canopy. She did well with everything, except the loud music, which they quickly turned down at our request. The new location for the walk is very pretty but the walk itself was pretty lackluster. The attendance was down significantly this year and most of the mito families I know were no shows which was kind of disappointing. But we met up with our Houston family and friends and walked for our girl! It was great to see some of our long time friends and catch up with everyone. Ryan did fine most of the walk but started to get cranky toward the end (it wasn't even a full mile). After the walk, we headed over to our old neighborhood to visit with some of our old neighbors! They were so excited about seeing the kids and it was nice to just sit and talk with them for a while. We headed back around 3pm, both kids did great in the car, Reagan was all into her hair and driving her nurse a little crazy! Poor Ryan, I don't know how many times he was knocked in the head by Reagan's elbow, and he just put up with it! And again we only got into the rain just as we got back into Austin. We saw lots of standing water everywhere, so it was obvious it had been raining here pretty much all day. Glad we missed it in Houston. We're all exhausted so hoping we have a quiet uneventful night tonight. So glad my girl was able to turn it around and had a good day today!

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