Monday, April 25, 2016

Going home

Everyone slept well last night but Reagan was awake and laughing early this morning. We got packed up and left Denton around 10:30am. Ryan was especially sad to be leaving Grandma. We took a bit of a scenic trip back so that we could stop by and visit Mike's boss who retired last year. He lives in Granbury in a beautiful lake house. We just hung out for a bit chatting and enjoying the view. It was a nice little detour and allowed us all to get out and stretch and grab a bite to eat before heading all the way home. Both kids were great in the car, although I wish there was more sleeping going on, it would have been hard with our giggly girl. We got home right around 4pm, unloaded tons of stuff from our car, and then tried to relax a little before bedtime. We are all pretty exhausted, but so glad that our girl hung in there and had a good trip! I'm hoping everyone cooperates so we can get a good night's sleep tonight!

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