Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Calm and content

Reagan slept well last night, waking up right around 7:30am this morning. She's been very calm and content. She did have a little seizure-ish episode this morning with her nurse. She noticed her turning her head to the right and looking down. She tried to break her out of it, but she couldn't. It was shortlived, maybe 20sec or so, but boy I don't like seeing that again (it's been a while). She had a busy day of therapy today. Normally she wouldn't have speech on a Tuesday, but her therapist is out on Friday so she's coming today to make that up. Reagan did well with that and then an hour or so later it was on to PT. She did get up into her stander today. She looks SO good in this thing. We are however still waiting on a new, smaller harness. This one is just way too long and looks like it could strangle her. OT followed shortly thereafter. Did some stretching. She's just been very quiet and calm...hard to get a response out of. Tonight she was super sweet and cuddly. Hoping to eventually get some smiles out of this girl this week.
Look at those loose hands! Soooo relaxed!

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