Friday, April 22, 2016

Busy day in Dallas

Both kids slept pretty well last night. Ryan in a tiny pack n play and Reagan on a twin mattress on the floor beside our bed. Reagan woke up once around 4am fussing, she had wet through her pants. I changed her and covered her back up and she went back to sleep. Ryan slept in til 9:30am (of course he didn't go to bed til 10:30pm) and Reagan until around 10am. Our only plan for today is to drop Mike off at Cabelas in Allen to meet up with his friend to go fishing. After the drop off we went to Dallas to visit my sister. We didn't get there til around 2pm. Both kiddos were ready to get out of the car and relax. Ryan had fun playing with the fountains on her pool, digging for worms in her flower bed, and chasing her German short-hair pointer! Reagan just relaxed by the pool and took it easy. Ryan also was LOVING playing on uncle Dan's drum set! It wasn't all fun and games though, while spinning the wheels of Dan's bike, Ryan got his finger smashed in the chain! And then later when playing on the stairs Ryan took a tumble down the bottom two steps straight onto his head on the wood floor! Poor thing! Dan and I were both watching him and saw it happen in slow motion...he hit like a ton of bricks! I put a cold compress on it and kept an eye on his pupils, but once he stopped crying, he seemed fine. We ate dinner with them and then headed back to my mom's house. Ryan dozed off in the car and was OUT, Reagan dozed off but was back awake before we got there. We got back around 9pm and then it was time for me to start giving nighttime meds and getting everyone ready for bed. We're all exhausted. Hoping to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight, but it'll probably still be midnight before I climb into bed. That's just how it always seems to work. 

Sleeping in this morning...

Ryan riding Daddy before he left for fishing

The drums take 1

Hanging out with Aunt Amber...Reagan loved her soft bed!

Reagan and Kate Moss (my sister's dog)

Standing up chalk (just before he decided to chunk a handful into the pool)!

Taking it easy.

Relaxing on the love sac

Back out at the pool...still serious but content 

Drums take 2 

Jam session with Uncle Dan!

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