Monday, April 4, 2016

Better but a little sleepy

Reagan did sleep last night and woke up way better than yesterday! Thank goodness! She was still SUPER crunchy today and constantly had her hands in her hair or in her mouth. I did make an interesting discovery today...she's lost a tooth (her lower left canine)! And has another that is about to come's not super loose but it's poking out toward her lips because it's being pushed out by her permanent tooth (her lower right canine)! This was a total surprise to us! We hadn't noticed anything at all and neither had her nurse. No clue what happened to the missing tooth! There's already a little baby tooth peaking out of her I'm guessing it was a combination of that tooth pushing the baby tooth out and her sticking her hands in her mouth nonstop that finally yanked it out. Now we just need her to do that with the other tooth because it's really poking out there and it's a sharp canine! Silly girl. She did have multiple therapies today, speech came but Reagan fell asleep about 20min before she got there, so her therapist just did some work on her eyegaze computer. She, of course, woke up shortly thereafter and was wide awake until her occupational therapist was 5min away! I let her therapist come anyway and stretch her (sometimes it's much easier to stretch her in her sleep) and she eventually woke up! She was tolerant of the stretching, but still very crunchy, so not really participating much today. I don't blame her...she's still recovering from yesterday. I'm just super happy that today was a better day and I hope the rest of the week continues on this upswing!

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