Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bad day was a bad day. Ugh. We were really hoping she was done with these! It's been while since she had one, so we always get hopeful! The last actual bad day was mid March and it was only a half a bad day. Today not so much. It was an all day sort of bad day, but on a positive note, she did sleep a lot. Both with and without medication, she was sleeping, which is always a blessing. She slept in this morning but finally woke up when we changed her When awake, she was quite miserable. But even though she was super crunchy and putting her hands in her mouth a lot, we didn't have to restrain her because she wasn't actually biting (so that's a good thing). Really praying she sleeps tonight and wakes up better in the morning (tomorrow is no nurse Monday)!

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