Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bad day and possible UTI

So today my girl woke up super tense (and with another stinky diaper). She was VERY crunchy, basically curled up in a little ball! And the tension and agitation just kept escalating and couldn't be soothed. Eventually, we had to give her oxycodone...and thankfully it worked. Whew! She slept for about 3.5hrs and then started waking up upset again. Never really tears but super agitated, lots of flailing, eye rubbing, just overall miserable. During this time we did put some cotton balls in her diaper and then test her urine. It came back positive for leukocytes and nitrites (what we typically see when she has a UTI). Ugh. We gave her oxycodone again and she dozed back off again. I spoke with the doctors office and they agreed to let us just collect a clean sample without cathing. Her nurse was able to use sterile techniques and collect a sample with her pretty much still asleep. I ran it to the doctors office just before they closed for the day. Their initial in office testing came back negative, but they're sending it off for culture. Something tells me it's going to come back positive, but we'll hold off and wait to start antibiotics until we get the final word. She did wake up for a longer period tonight and was still very vocal and tense, but almost a little smiley. This gives me hope! Unfortunately, she refused to accept Daddy trying to put her in bed and flipped out a bit flailing and thrashing but settled down with medication and moving her to her chair.  Not a fan of her sleeping in her chair, but at least she spent a lot of time in her bean bag chair today. She's asleep now, so I'm hoping she'll stay that way!

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