Monday, March 7, 2016

Tense and kooky

Reagan had a bit of a kooky day today. She was up early and very sensitive, she even had a crying episode first hopes were not high for how the day would turn out. We had a nurse coming in to orient at 8am and I was worried how quickly she'd be scared away with Reagan's crying! Thankfully, Reagan settled down and didn't cry again. She was tense and crunchy, but calm. Everyone kept it low key and she was OK. She even tolerated speech, OT, and school today. I wouldn't say it was the best day for therapy, but she did well all things considered! I'm hoping she might actually sleep tonight. We'll see, she's still pretty kooky/laughy, so it's not looking good! She has been a little burpy and grinding her teeth tonight so something is definitely up. Hoping we can all get some sleep tonight!

Serious but cute while working on sitting/bearing weight through her arms!

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