Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sweet girl

Reagan slept all night last night (in her bed so happy) and even slept in a bit this morning! She woke up around 10am and we weren't sure what to expect. She was a little laughy/kooky and then a little moany and then happy. She's been great all day today. Pretty vocal, laughing, and at times a little kooky! She worked with OT today who also thinks the botox might have worked because she felt overall looser today. We're really hoping this is the case! On a funny note, she did doze off on OT while sitting. She closed her eyes and would just laugh here and there! Funny girl. She dozed for a little while after that, but not long. Overall she's been awake and happy today. Having lots of gas (which may be part of the reason she's so vocal). We did help her poo before her bath. Always clenching this one. She's clean and precious so I'm hoping for another good night's sleep tonight and good day tomorrow!! Her brother had a busy day. This morning we went to his first movie Zootopia. He did well and seemed to enjoy it. He was a little antsy about half way through, it's a long time for him to sit still, but he did well. The only problem...his cough. He has been coughing up a storm today. I was really hoping he was getting better...but maybe not. He was super whiny and needy this afternoon and then he dozed off on the sofa at 5:30. Very unlike him. Not good. I think a Drs appt may be in line tomorrow. Ugh. Really praying he gets over this quick and doesn't get my girl sick!

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