Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super sleepy and 4th Birthday for brother

Reagan slept all night last night and woke up this morning in a good mood. Maybe a little more animated than yesterday but still pretty calm. She had speech at 10 and during speech you could just tell she was getting tired. She did well but she was definitely sleepy. Right after speech her nurse transferred her to her bean bag chair where she was OUT. We kept thinking maybe she'd wake back up but nope, she was OUT. It was definitely a sleepy day. I said she just decided to sleep the whole day because it was her brother's birthday and there was nothing in it for her! ;) Ryan had a good 4th birthday. He went to school and had a good day (I brought some mini cupcakes for them to eat in class) and then picked him up with balloons in the car and we went to the aquarium! His favorite place to be! Afterward we made a stop at HEB to get a sprinkle donut and "one car". Everything he could possibly want! He got several singing birthday cards online and really enjoyed watching them over and over again. Tonight my Dad and my stepmother came over and we sang happy birthday and he blew out his number four candle! They gave him this talking/moving dinosaur that he just loved! We got him The Good Dinosaur the movie, but didn't have enough time to watch it tonight before bed...we'll have to watch it tomorrow. All in all he had a fun/sugar-filled day! And his sister slept through it all! (We're doing a bday party for both of them at the end of the month.) Tonight she woke up around 10:30pm as I was checking her diaper. Her eyes were WIDE open but she was very still. Mike moved her to her bed and laid down with her until she dozed back off. For a little while, I was afraid she might be up for good but I think she's asleep now! Hoping for another good night's sleep for my sleepy princess!

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