Saturday, March 19, 2016

Stretch those feet

So we got a call first thing this morning at 6:30am to inform us that the nurse had called in sick. This was only her second day to work, so needless to say, it's a little frustrating. Not to mention, we were hoping to keep Reagan away from her brother all day, so this made things a little more interesting. We have spent a lot of time separated...divide and conquer. Ryan downstairs with Dad most of the time and me upstairs with Reagan (that is, until I hear him yelling mama)! Not much of a weekend. Ryan and Mike went to the farmers market this morning, while Reagan and I hung out. I will say that we did get in a lot of stretching of the feet today! Every diaper change we stretched both her feet and legs and I also put her AFOs on for a few hours. She did well with everything! Lots of gas today and she even had a poo on her own! She's been super precious today, very sweet and still pretty vocal, not sure where she's headed though. Mike swears he can smell bad day on her. Hopefully he's wrong. Her birthday is Monday, so I'd like for her to be happy on her Bday, but even more importantly I really want her happy for her party next Saturday!!! Is it too much to ask to just skip over the bad days with week??

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