Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring forward

Reagan did not sleep much again last night. She started off in her bed, but was wide awake when I got up at 6:15am to run. It actually would've been a perfect day to run with her...we have a virtual 10k we need to do...the temp was cool but not too bad (58), she was in a great mood and wide awake BUT we hadn't run all week due to the rain and with the time change it was extra dark outside...we were just worried about making it safely. We left her in bed (and Daddy eventually moved her to her chair) and we only ran 5.2miles (not the full 6.2). She's been super precious today. Very sweet and calm. Still took a little nap here and there. This afternoon she had a makeup session of PT. They worked on sitting and stretching...she's just SO tight lately. Lots of rotation and bearing weight through her arms while sitting. Actually while her therapist had her sitting, I noticed a very subtle laugh, fixed head turn/eyes to the right. I crawled over and sure enough that's exactly what it was. It only lasted 30sec or so and had I not been there staring right at her, no one would've ever noticed. I know these things have been happening for quite some time with her, here and there, and especially at night as she's falling asleep, but it's just hard to believe they are not seizures. I did put a call in to her neuro last week so we will see what he says. My girl has been super cuddly and sweet today. Gets a little vocal when she's not getting undivided attention, but so darling. Grandma and I spent a lot of the day making our dining room into an ocean for the bday party in two weeks. Hopefully her brother doesn't destroy it in the meantime! Tonight she's been making some mouth movements, grinding her teeth a little, and biting on her lower lip. I've noticed her doing it the last few nights off and on though. Not sure if it's reflux or what. Really hoping she sleeps tonight but not counting on it.

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