Tuesday, March 22, 2016

So sleepy

Reagan finally slept well last night. Like really slept. And so did I! I actually almost slept through and forgot to take Ryan to speech. I woke up around 8am and we were supposed to leave by 8:15, needless to say, we were a little late. Reagan didn't wake up until a little later, but she wasn't awake long. Definitely a sleepy day. She dozed back off around 10am and was OUT. Her PT decided to come anyway and try to access how her legs felt post botox and Reagan never even cracked her eyes (despite tons of stretching). Her PT definitely thinks she sees real improvement in her hamstrings. Her feet, maybe not so much, but we're going to continue stretching and she's going to continue doing some different manipulations on them and hopefully we'll see some improvement over time. We're not giving up hope just yet. It's a good thing that we're seeing some improvement, I just really want it to be in her feet too. My sweet girl slept most of the day away. Only waking up for short stretches, and sweet while awake, but quickly back to sleep. She did however wake up for a longer stretch tonight. Around 8pm she decided to wake up and was wide awake until around 11pm or so. Hoping she can still sleep tonight after having such a sleepy day! And really hoping she wakes up OK tomorrow so we can make it to her rescheduled opthalmology appt!

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