Friday, March 18, 2016

Seriously strep AND the Flu?

Reagan slept well again last night and woke up vocal and cute. She's been pretty vocal today. It's hard to tell if she's feeling a little kooky or starting to get upset...but so far so good. She had speech this morning and did really well with that. That was her only therapy today. It was a laid back sort of day. Just taking it easy and stretching those feeties. This afternoon I decided to finally take this whiny boy to the doctor because he still just isn't feeling well. The doctor told me he's been seeing a lot of flu, strep, and RSV lately...and made some noises when he looked in both is throat and his nose. So he went ahead and swabbed Ryan for all three (oh yeah that was fun)! On a good note it wasn't RSV (which we're pretty sure we all had a few weeks ago), but it was Flu B AND strep! Poor guy, I guess he has a good reason to be whiny! Thankfully they were able to do a Bicillin shot (one and done) for the strep. Ryan refuses to take medicine. If you try to make him take it, he'll just throw it up, but if you try to hide it in something, he eventually figures it out and then just refuses to eat or drink...a no win situation. The shot was definitely the best option. They did want to keep an eye on him a few min after the shot though since the last time he took penicillin he ended up with the hives (but not until day 10). He seemed fine, although pretty ticked off after getting swabbed and stuck! So it looks like we'll be keeping him away from his sister for another several days! We're really praying no one else gets this as we've got a birthday party to plan next week and we certainly can't be dealing with sickness! Please pray that he gets over this quickly and that no one else (especially Reagan) gets it!

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