Monday, March 28, 2016

Serious and suspected UTI

So when Reagan woke up this morning crying at 6:30am...I was worried. But I went in her room to find her completely upside down in her bed and tangled up in her tube! I think maybe she had just been laying there quietly for a while and finally had to get riled up to get my attention! Well it worked! I changed her (she was soaked) and moved her to her therapy room, where she was much more calm and content. She's been more on the serious side smiles but good. She did end up dozing back off just in time to miss speech. She was awake for OT though, which she desperately needed. She's been pretty crunchy and tense so she really needed some stretching today. I did notice that she wasn't much of a fan of me stretching her feet either. Another thing I noticed was that she was holding her pees...she wouldn't go for a long time and then have a huge one (that was a tad bit on the stinky side). I decided to put some cotton balls in her diaper so I could test her urine. It came back with high leukocytes and a high pH...both a flag for a UTI. I called the drs office and they wanted to see her right away. My stepmother came over to watch Ryan (as we are still without a nurse on Mondays) and I took Reagan to the dr. They cathed her to get a urine sample, the first nurse couldn't get it in so the second one had to try (which of course when they finally got it in Reagan peed around the cath and only left a drop or two in the tube...thankfully I had warned the nurses so they caught a good amount in a cup) and they ended up with the same results I had gotten. These results aren't conclusive for a UTI (the last time she also had high nitrites which she didn't have this time), so they are sending it off for culture. Meanwhile, the dr is giving us a prescription for antibiotics and the option of starting it now, waiting to see how she's feeling tomorrow, or just waiting until Wed when we get the results. The hard thing is, even with a UTI, Reagan rarely shows any signs of it (irritability, fever, etc...), so it's hard to know what to do! I think we're going to wait for now. Hopefully they get back to us quickly with the results...I really don't want her to suffer unnecessarily. Hoping my girl cheers up and has a good week this week.

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Maribeth Almanza said...

Poor Reagan; I know she is going through a lot. I have had a UTI before and it hurts to pee so I can defiantly understand why she held her pee. I am glad you were proactive and took her to the doctor. Hang in there. I know being a parent is tough. I hope everything gets better soon.