Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rough night and day

It's been a rough one. Reagan was up last night thrashing and flailing, she was miserable! It started with a lot of face rubbing in her bed. She eventually dozed off but had to be moved to her chair when she woke up at 3am very upset. Even with both arm restraints on, I had to hold her arms down to prevent her from biting herself, but there was a lot of pinching and scratching going on! This girl definitely has super human strength! It was a ROUGH day. Lots of moaning and screaming/crying. A few major freakouts (including an adverse reaction to clonidine). None of her medicines seem to be helping. It's awful. However, tonight she seems better. I was able to take her arm restraints off and let her roll around on the floor letting her kick her gas out! I think that helped. She's definitely much improved to today. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be even better. We could all use some sleep but she's not looking too sleepy, so we'll see. Fingers crossed! Just so relieved that she seems to be already doing better. It was a rough morning that's for sure.
This was after her clonidine freak out! At least she slept a few hours after! 

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