Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Calm girl

Reagan slept well again last night but woke up again this morning soaked. Another day of stripping down her bed and washing all the sheets. It's been another serious but calm day. She's been very laid back and still. Big, wide eyes. She had speech this morning and did very well with that. I knew she would rock the eyegaze with those big eyes! She didn't have anything else until school this afternoon. Well, not really school, but OT and speech from the school came by (without the teacher). She did well with that too, although she wasn't super into anything today really. After school, she watched Inside Out (she got it for her birthday) and her nurse said she was super interested in it, attentively watching the entire movie! Tonight she's been pretty groggy. Super still and sweet. She eventually dozed off in her chair and I moved her to a pillow on the floor. So adorable. Still not sure what direction she's headed. She seems to have a little congestion today, doing a lot of mouth breathing and ending up with super dry lips. We did get the call this morning saying that her urine sample did grow E.coli again (so we started her on Cefdinir). Another UTI. Ugh. They are referring us to urology now. No idea why this keeps happening. Poor girl.

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