Monday, March 14, 2016

Precious girl and sick brother...again!?!?

Reagan has been darling again today. SO smiley and SO precious. Still not sleeping at night though. This morning again I found her squirmed out of her covers and wide awake at 4am! I changed her and had to move her to her chair (she got vocal and did not want to stay in bed). She was good though and let me go back to sleep. She's been wonderful all day today. She had speech this morning and PT this afternoon and she did great for both. We got some cute pics of her in her stander today. Her AFOs that we had adjusted last week definitely look better, but I'm still not sure, we might need to have them adjusted once more but we're going to see how she does with them. Tomorrow she's actually got an appt to try Botox B. She's tried A 2-3 times with no luck...we're hoping B might actually work for her. Her doctor told us that it often does work in kids that don't respond to A. We'll see. She also has an opthalmology appt in the morning. It's going to be a busy day of Drs appts. And to top that all off...her brother is sick. Ugh. He's been whiny all day and then this afternoon I thought he felt a little warm. He's running a fever of 102. Oh no! Not again! He's really the only one of us that never lost the cough...I have to wonder if maybe he just never got over it completely. Poor thing. He's got the chills and you can just tell he feels awful, cuddling up to us and dozing off. I guess this explains why he was so fussy last night, waking up and sitting up in his bed fussing at midnight...he never does that. Poor guy. I'm really hoping he wakes up feeling much better in the morning! Prayers for him to get better and that no one else to come down with it are much appreciated! Reagan has continued to be super cute tonight as well. She did get a little lip smacky/burpy/refluxy again. I only notice it happening at night but it's happened the last several nights. Not sure what that is about. Really hoping she'll get some sleep tonight. We decided to risk it and try clonidine tonight (since she wasn't at all sleepy at midnight). Hoping it works!! Come on sleep!!!

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