Friday, March 4, 2016

On edge but laughy

Reagan had a pretty rough night last night. She slept til about 1:45am but then was up and very high need. I definitely think her tummy was still bothering her. I tried giving her both simethicone (gas drops) and oxycodone to try to settle her down, but it didn't seem to do much. She was very vocal/on edge all night. It was a long night. Today she's been much of the same. On the verge of tears a lot of the time. Actually during speech she did tear up a few times, but she's been easy to console. I'm still thinking it's her tummy, but who knows. We did help her go both yesterday and today but I still think she's got more in there. She's had a ton of wet diapers today so I'm not sure if that has any significance. The funny thing is, although she's terribly on edge, she's still laughy! It's been a weird sort of day. Tonight she's been the same. Laughy. Vocal. Very high need. Gets super vocal anytime I walk out of the room. She also did a weird seizure-ish sort of thing. She started laughing uncontrollably (more so than she was already doing, but not completely out of character for her), so I looked at her and her head was fixed to the left. Her arms and legs may have stiffened out a little as well. I looked at her eyes and they were both turned and fixed to the left...and she was laughing. I turned her head to midline and finally got her to break out of it, but it was weird to say the least. She didn't do it again but the laughing has continued and gotten cuter as the night went on. She's super laughy (in a good way) and super gassy! At least she's getting it out! Hoping she can settle down and actually get some sleep tonight!

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