Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Birthday to Reagan!

Today was my girl's birthday and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. She woke up a couple times last night and each time she was fussing/crying! I gave her medicine and she'd go back to sleep. Thankfully when she woke up for good, she was fine. A little wide eyed and serious at first, but she got more relaxed and more calm the longer she was awake. She had speech first thing this morning and did great with that, so I got brave and we decided to venture out on our own (still no Monday nurse). We went to Gigi's cupcakes and picked out a couple of cupcakes for my bday girl, then we went to the dollar store and got some fun knicknacks and balloons, and then we went to Target and tried out the new Caroline's cart! Reagan was great! There was a lot of in and out of the stroller/car/cart, but she was great with it all (and somehow my back held up through it all). We got all kinds of fun goodies at pjs, a workout outfit (you know for when she's working out or doing a 10k), and a my little pony! We were having so much fun, we almost forgot that she had OT at 1:30. We probably could've stayed longer, but we headed out, I loaded her back into the car we drove back home! What I didn't realize is that I had left both of our shopping bags in the Caroline's cart! It wasn't until hours later that I noticed them missing, but thank God someone had turned them in and they had them for me at customer service. The Caroline's cart was an interesting concept, but could definitely use some improvement for kids like Reagan. A little more recline to the seat would have definitely been helpful. I had to put a pack of diapers beside her to try to prop her up a little more and give her some side support. Also, I'm not sure if it had breaks and I just didn't see them or what, but it definitely needs breaks! It's very hard to get someone in and out of the cart without having a way to keep it still...also, in hilly places like Austin, if you're not holding onto it at all times, it can really get away from you!! And I think the reason I didn't notice my bags were still in the cart was because of the way the seat is in the front of the basket and you can't really see behind it. Oh well, all ended well and Reagan and I had a fun little outing! It was a busy day though, because once home she had a quick session of OT. She did well with that (although as you can see, it was hard to keep that hand out of her mouth today), and then it was off to the aquarium!! Grandpa met us there with her brother and we had a fun visit. We were able to take our time as her brother rushed around with Grandpa. And then we were also able to breeze through the bird portion quickly because she's never been a fan of those noisy birds! She did really well and then we rushed home for school! She had a good time with school and her teacher even worked on some birthday related activities like unwrapping presents, etc...! Then later that night my stepsister and nieces came over and gave Reagan and Ryan their bday presents and helped us sing happy birthday to my sweet girl. She got a little excited during the song, but we all sang quietly and she was fine! All in all it was a great ninth birthday for my biggest girl! So happy she had a great day and now we just need her happy and feeling great for her party on Saturday! Please keep that in your prayers!!

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