Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Half bad, half sleepy

Reagan slept soundly last night and kept sleeping this morning. Her nurse went in to change her about 30min before speech, to see if she'd even wake up, and boy did she! She was NOT happy. Lots of fussing/crying. It definitely seemed like a full on bad day. After a dose of oxycodone, she did eventually doze back off in her chair. She ended up sleeping most of the day, waking up here and there, more fussy/agitated this morning and seemed a little more calm as the day went on. She was still a little moany, which made me wonder if maybe her legs were achy from the botox shots yesterday. Tonight I gave her some ibuprofen so hopefully that helps keep her comfortable tonight. She was awake for several 30min-1hr stretches today/tonight and was OK...a little moany but calm. Tonight she was trying to doze off right as I was about to change her, I laid her down and changed her and then she was OUT. At least she got some time on the floor where she could completely stretch out! Actually while she was down and half asleep, I stretched her legs/feet. I don't know if I'm imagining it, but she did seem to be much looser! Fingers crossed this Botox B worked! And fingers crossed for another good night's sleep tonight! She made the transition to her bed still asleep, so hopefully she's good to go!

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