Friday, March 25, 2016

Even better

Reagan has been super sweet today, but sleep was not so good last night (for any of us). My mom and I were decorating cookies for the birthday party until 3am. Then just as I went upstairs to get ready for bed, Reagan woke up and was very vocal. She wasn't going to go back to sleep so I moved her to her chair and got her settled and finally crawled into bed around 3:45am. I'm fairly certain my girl never went back to sleep. She was a sweetie though, very vocal and very talkative, but less kooky than yesterday (that's a good thing). I'm not sure where she's headed but I really hope these good days continue at least through tomorrow so she's happy for her party!! Only one therapy today, speech, and she was a bit tired for it. I can feel her pain. While my girl took it easy today, my mom and I scrambled to get everything done for the party. My mom worked on the cake a lot today. This is her first shaped cake she's done...the cake itself is actually (in the shape of) nemo. Usually she does round stacked cakes that are decorated with fondant. This one was a little more tricky...although working with fondant is always a bit tricky. The decorations are really coming along and it looks like were living in an aquarium! Today the bounce house was delivered (it was an ocean themed bounce house), but it was filthy and we ended up having to call them back and ask if they could bring another one! Unfortunately, they didn't have any more underwater themed ones, so we just got a standard bounce house. Ryan didn't seem to mind though and we even got Reagan out in in for a bit tonight and she seemed to enjoy it as well! Hoping for a good turnout tomorrow and even more importantly a happy girl!


Diane said...

WOW!!! How are you going to be able to eat them??? They are absolute perfection, no bakery could have done better and honestly I haven't seen many professional bakeries pull off that level of talent! What an amazing and loving gift you and your Mom give to Reagan and Ryan each year! Hope it was her and his best birthday ever!

Reagan Leigh said...

Thank you Diane! That means a lot from you being such a wiz in the kitchen! We did eat them and chopped up poor nemo too...more pictures coming soon! ;)