Sunday, March 6, 2016

Calm today, kooky tonight

Reagan didn't sleep too well last night. In fact, I heard her moving around at 4:45am and found her completely uncovered and kicking around in bed. I was planning on running at 6, so I tucked her back in and went back to sleep. When I got up an hour later, she was asleep but uncovered again. So I covered her back up and went for my run. When I got back, she was wide awake and smiley! She had another laid back day today. She was pretty calm and still. She's still having lots of gas and I did help her get a poo out before I gave her a bath today. Still clenching. She spent a lot of time rolling around on the floor today. We've found that she can get a lot more gas out that way. Sitting in her chair, she tends to hold it in. It's just been a lazy sort of Sunday around here. I didn't realize it until it was way too late, but I had signed her and her brother up to go see the Easter Bunny today (and then completely forgot about it). Thankfully we have our own personal Easter Bunny (Grandma) so we should still be able to get some pics, I'm just sad that we didn't do it today because she was in such a good mood. Tonight she did get a little kooky at bed time. She fell asleep again in my arms but became totally crazy laughy when Mike tried to lay down with her. I gave her clonidine (bad choice) and she immediately freaked out. I waited about 15min and then gave her oxycodone and within 5min she was asleep. Ugh. I wish there were some way to know when she's going to react like that to the clonidine...because sometimes it works like a charm to get her to sleep and sometimes NOT. We never know. Really hoping she'll sleep tonight. (Oh and just to add some excitement to the mix, Mike broke out into hives today! No idea what that's from!)

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