Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Better (whew!) and well checks

Reagan started freaking out a bit last night so I gave her some Lortab...well that backfired! She got way more crazy, lots of flailing and vocalizing, we eventually had to move her to her chair. She eventually settled down a little, she wasn't asleep but quiet, so I went to bed. I woke up a few times and checked her on the monitor and it looked like she was sleeping off and on. She got a little vocal/laughy around 4:30am so I went in and checked on her and covered her back up. I don't think she slept much last night. She's been a little kooky/laughy today, but way improved over yesterday. A little chokey/gaggy at times but we think it was probably just a result of her shoving her fingers down her throat! Still very crunchy/tense in her body, but not as sensitive. She had speech this morning and actually did really well! Then this afternoon her and her brother had their well checks and she did great with that. Everything looks good for both of them. Ryan is at the top of the growth curve, 99% weight  (48lbs 13oz).and 94% height (43"). Reagan is much lower on the growth chart, 9% weight (50lbs 13oz) and 17% height (50"), but honestly that's in everyone's best interest! I can't believe Ryan weighs almost the exact same as his sister who is 5yrs older than him!!! He's one SOLID boy! Reagan sounded a little congested but everyone's eyes, ears, throats looked good, so we're happy about that! We also talked to her pediatrician about the genetic testing recommended by the dr in Houston and he said he could just follow up with that and order it for us, so that's good! We're in better communication with him/his office than our metabolic geneticist, so hopefully that means he'll get the ball rolling more quickly and the results to us faster! All in all it was a good day! Hoping my girl can eventually get some sleep...she's pretty wired tonight! She's been laughing, kicking, and scooting around on the floor for hours now, with no sign of stopping!

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