Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bad waker upper but not a bad day

Last night Mike laid down with Reagan and it seemed like she might actually make it in her bed. She was asleep for a bit, but then all of a sudden she started flipping out and gagging, it just wasn't meant to be. We moved her to her chair and I did eventually give her some oxycodone to help settle her down. She was still awake when I went to bed at 12:30am but she was calm and looking a lot more sleepy. I do think she slept but she was back awake by 4am and getting pretty vocal. I went in and changed her diaper and then tried to get her situated and covered back up in hopes that we could both get some more sleep. She did eventually fall back to sleep and then slept til 9am or so. She had a bit of a rough wake up, she was just a little startled/disoriented at first, but settled down and was ultimately happy. She had an early session of OT this morning followed immediately by PT. She did well with both, even spent some time in her stander (and fought to keep that hand in her mouth), but was wiped out afterward and took a little nap. When she woke up she was very upset! We gave her some oxycodone and she calmed down and fell back to sleep. She slept long enough to miss school/vision therapy and woke back up around 4pm. She woke up upset again but did finally calm back down. Today has definitely been a day of bad wake ups! Tonight when her nurse left, I attempted to hold her but she just got upset. This happened a couple of times tonight, not sure why she was hating on mommy, but she did finally warm up to me and fall asleep in my arms. And she was OUT out. Like a light, heavy breathing and all. Hopefully that means she'll finally get a good night's sleep tonight! Sweet girl.  

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