Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A little sensitive but good

Reagan had an early ophthalmology appt this am. Grandpa came early to take Ryan to school and we headed out for her eye appt. We were able to give her the dilating drops beforehand so we didn't have to sit in the office waiting for them to dilate, so that was good. Reagan good but a little sensitive. Started crying when dr was talking, but calmed down easily once the nurse took her outside. Her doctor was explaining that Reagan's current glasses prescription corrects for her astigmatism and that can be a difficult thing to switch back and forth from. Her suggestion is to not correct for that and make some adjustments so her near vision is a little more clear (since usually she just wears the glasses for school work or when she's working with her eyegaze). Anyway, apparently that was way too much talking for her liking, and before we knew it there were tears! The rest of the day she just took it easy. No therapies. She took a nice little nap. Grandma did come in today to continue with party preparation for the big bday bash this Saturday. Today was mostly spent working on decorations. You could say we go all out. Stay tuned for some pictures when we're finished! Reagan hoping my girl will hang on and continue having good days...we need a happy girl for her party!!

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