Thursday, March 24, 2016

A little kooky but good

Reagan had another good day today. She's been a little more restless in the sleep department, but she's still waking up happy so that's good. She's been a little kooky today. Very vocal...sometimes sounds a little on edge...but she's hanging in there. She had PT this morning and OT this afternoon. She did well with both. Afterward she had school and vision therapy and she did awesome! She was so tuned in and making really great eye contact...her teachers were really happy! Grandma has been working on the cake and I've been working on cookies today. Busy busy. Tonight we had dinner with my stepsister for my niece's bday. My stepbrother and his family is here visiting from was nice seeing everyone. Afterward Mike took Ryan to his first basketball game (while my mom and I worked on party stuff). He said Ryan enjoyed it, but was a tad bit overstimulated (ok A LOT overstimulated). My girl is still hanging in there. Tonight she seemed more talky and less kooky. Such a darling girl.

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