Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tense and still sick

Reagan's nurse came in today, God bless her. We obviously have infected her with what we have and she's been coughing as well. On a good note, we already all have it, so no worries about her spreading it to us! I just wish we could've kept from giving it to her!! Ryan was still running a pretty high fever last night, so I kept him home from school again today. He's definitely getting bored, so hopefully that fever will stay gone and he can go to school tomorrow. Reagan was good today, and her physical therapist donned a mask and gloves and braved the sick house to come and work with her. She did fairly well, all things considered, but she did almost freak out at the beginning. Her body is SUPER tense right now, so while it was good for her to stretch a little, I think it wasn't particularly comfortable for her to do and she let us know. Today we've also noticed some temperature dysregulation and her back is getting quite sweaty when sitting in her tomato chair. I tried laying her down on the floor tonight to give her some time out of her chair, but a combination of coughing and gagginess prevented her from laying down for too long. She was gaggy off and on tonight. I'm not sure if that's legitimate gagginess or if it's just the thick drainage going down the back of her throat. Either way, it doesn't sound pleasant. I have no idea where she's headed right now, but I sure hope she starts to feel better soon. Her fever has been gone all day today, but her cough is quite thick.

Jealous, needy brother! Couldn't stand that I was holding Reagan!! Silly boy.

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