Saturday, February 6, 2016

Still sweet

Reagan was up early this morning. Not sure how well she slept last night, but she was still pretty sweet and calm. Maybe a little less smiley today and a little more tense (slightly crunchy) in her body, but still super cute. We had a nurse today so this morning we took Ryan to Jumpstreet to let him get some energy out and then went to the farmers market just outside. It was a cold, windy morning so we didn't last long...just long enough to buy some decadent desserts (although they were gluten free so that makes them healthy right)! We came home and just hung out. I finished decorating the tree in Reagan's therapy room for Valentines day. I think I like it decorated for Valentine's Day even better than Christmas! There was another large poo, it's usually all or nothing with this girl, so this afternoon she took a nice relaxing bath with Grandma! Tonight Ryan found his new love. Nemo! He's never watched the movie, because honestly, I thought it wouldn't hold his interest...but he's in LOVE! Watched it twice before bedtime. Gets very sad when it's over. I think this has solidified our decision to do another ocean themed bday party this year. Such a good gender neutral theme and both kiddos love it! Reagan was great all day, although tonight she did seem a bit off. Just a little groggy/neurologically off. She was also a little sensitive to music on tv...she vocalized a couple of times (ever so slightly), just letting us know she wasn't going to put up with it. I held her and she eventually fell asleep in my arms. What a sweet girl. Hoping she continues to have good days!

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